Uniform Policy


Grades 9-12: White GWC polo shirt/button down shirt with the GWC logo.

Grades 9-12: Official GWC t-shirts or college t-shirts. 

Grades 9-12: GWC Honor Roll and Reading Millionaire shirts.

Grade 12 only: Black GWC button-down with GWC logo

Polo shirts must be tucked in at all times. Collars must be turned down at all times.

Pants & Skirts

Grades 9-12: Full-length khaki pants.

Grades 9-12: Sanctioned plaid pants or plaid skirts.  Skirt must be worn no higher than 2 inches above the knee Solid colored tights may be worn under skirts.

Pants may have only four pockets. Cell phone/cargo pockets are not permitted, and neither are frays, tears, or holes.

Pants must be worn at the waist or hip level. 

Pants may not be leggings or jeggings. Pants may not be made of corduroy.

Pants must have belt loops. No drawstrings are allowed.

GWC reserves the right to determine if a scholar’s pants are too tight or too loose. If deemed so, the pants are in violation of the uniform.


A belt must be worn with pants at all times.

Belts must be worn through belt loops and must keep pants up.

Shoes & Socks

Shoes must cover the toe and heel; no slippers or sandals may be worn.

Ankle boots are allowed. No other boots are permitted.

No steel-toed boots

Socks and shoelaces may be any color or pattern. They may not display any drug-related or inappropriate language or symbolism. Inappropriate socks must be removed.


Grades 9-12: green cardigan with Carver logo

Grades 9-12: GWC green and white varsity jacket

Grades 9-12: GWC Outerwear (i.e. band windbreaker, track sweatshirt, cheer sweater, etc.)

Grades 9-12: College sweatshirts 

Grades 9-12: Outerwear of solid colors. No additional graphic designs or words. Logos on jackets may not be bigger than a half dollar coin. Example: Nike check or adidas logo.

All outerwear must be worn over the GWC polo or other sanctioned school shirt. Scholars without an approved shirt underneath the sweatshirt will be considered out of uniform.

Sweaters or sweatshirts, including Carver-issued and college sweaters and sweatshirts, cannot have a hood. Tucking in a hood is unacceptable.

Unauthorized outerwear may be confiscated upon arrival and will be returned EOD. Unclaimed outerwear will be donated to Goodwill quarterly.

GWC reserves the right to alter the dress code due to inclement weather.

Accessory Limits

Black, green, or plaid ties are acceptable.

Ladies may wear a head wrap.

Hats, bandanas, shower caps, du-rags, stocking caps, flexi rods, satin caps (bonnets), scarves, beanies and sunglasses are not allowed during the school day. They will be confiscated upon arrival. Should the scholar refuse to remove or turn in these items, parents will be notified immediately. 

Scholars may not clip items to their pants.  Any items that dangle from the waist (like wallet chains) are not allowed.

No visible necklaces.

Bags must be large enough to hold all school materials, including but not limited to books, binders, paper, and supplies.

The school reserves the right to disallow any large or otherwise inappropriate accessories.

Important Note on Uniform

Any offensive expressions in a scholar’s attire will not be allowed.

Any exceptions to school dress code based on religious observances must be presented to the Principal.

Scholars must adhere to the policies outlined for dress down occasions as mandated by the occasion.