Attendance Information

Scholars can only be successful if they are present and prepared in school every day. Our curriculum is
an ambitious one; every day is essential for scholars to keep pace. At G.W. Carver, excessive absences
will not be tolerated. If a scholar is absent without excuse for more than 5 days of the semester or 10 days
per year, that scholar may be required to repeat his/her current grade. Additionally, per Louisiana law
(see box below), scholars with 5+ unexcused absences or tardies may be referred to municipal court for
While each scholar is ultimately responsible for her/his own attendance, families are expected to ensure
their children are in school. Excessive absences will be considered a violation of the parent/guardian
commitment. Attendance helps to foster an attitude of responsibility and is essential to the instructional
program at G.W. Carver High School. Attendance is the first step in ensuring academic achievement.
Every day is essential for our scholars to keep pace; every instructional minute counts. A scholar is
considered to be in attendance when he/she is physically present at school or is participating in an
authorized school activity and is under the supervision of authorized school personnel for at least 50% of
the school day. Exceptions to the attendance policy are considered in extenuating circumstances.

These are absences that can be considered for excusal.

Documentation must be submitted upon the scholar’s return to
school for the following circumstances:
● Extended personal physical or mental illness as verified by a physician or nurse practitioner
(original doctor’s note). Note: this means that if you are sick and stay home, but do not go to the
doctor, that is an unexcused absence.
● Extended hospital stay as verified by a physician or dentist (original doctor’s note)
● Extended recuperation from an accident, as verified by a physician (original doctor’s note)
● Observation of special, recognized holidays of the scholar’s own faith
● Visitation with a parent who is a member of the United States Armed forces or the National Guard
of a state and such parent has been called to duty for or is on leave from overseas deployment
to a combat zone or combat support posting. Excused absences in this situation shall not exceed
five (5) school days per year.
● Absences verified and approved by the school principal such as approved travel for education,
death in the immediate family or natural disaster. For any other circumstances (i.e. legal matters/
issues) parents must make a formal appeal in writing to the Principal.

Parents/guardians are responsible for scheduling medical appointments outside of school time. In the
rare case a scholar has a medical appointment during the school day, the scholar should not be absent
the entire day. Upon return, the scholar must bring a written excuse to the main office. All excuses shall
be written by a parent/guardian or physician and submitted immediately.
A note on the use of the terms “exempt” or “non-exempt”: This is language used for compulsory
attendance laws. Absences that are “exempt” are considered differently when a scholar appears in
court for truancy hearings.