Vision and Values

Rooted in the Desire neighborhood since the 1950s, Carver has an extensive legacy as a long-standing pillar within the community in the Upper Ninth Ward. Carver’s educators have a shared vision of excellence and expectations, supported by college-aligned curriculums. Carver’s rich co-curricular programming offers students an opportunity to find what inspires them and build their own legacy as Rams.

The vision of George Washington Carver High School is to prepare all scholars for college success, inspired and ready to exceed any expectation.

Our Core Values

Achievement: We set goals and reach them.

Kindness: We show care for all people.

Responsibility: We look to ourselves to take action.

Determination: We work hard. We do whatever it takes to grow.

Teamwork: We work together to accomplish our goals.

Enthusiasm: We choose to be positive, This positivity keeps us strong.